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Investment approach

Our comprehensive investment approach enables us to build and monitor solid, long-term portfolios.

Our goal: to ensure adequate participation in the performance of the capital markets and at the same time to offer a certain degree of asset protection in times of crisis.

Our DNA: An evolutionary investment strategy

Our investment approach is characterized by the active and index-independent management of our portfolios. Rather than being rigidly benchmarked, we act proactively and flexibly to respond to changing market conditions, identifying opportunities that passive strategies often overlook.

Our portfolios are robust and diversified to spread risk and enhance the resilience of our investments. Broad diversification across different asset classes, sectors, regions and factors is essential in order to benefit from different market developments while at the same time mitigating potential losses.

Our approach is long-term and transparent. We do not pursue short-term profit, but rather focus on the sustainable value development of our portfolios. Our investors have full insight into our investment strategy and decisions at all times, because we believe that transparency creates trust and is essential for a successful customer relationship.

Our investment decisions are based on fundamental and meticulous analysis. We rigorously review each investment before it is included in our portfolios to ensure it meets our strict quality standards and fits well with our overall strategy. We attach particular importance to the financial key figures, business models and market position of the companies in which we invest.

Our motto "strategy beats timing" reflects our belief that a thoughtful and disciplined investment approach is more successful over the long term than trying to find the "perfect" entry or exit point. This is because market movements are difficult to predict and a wrong timing decision can result in significant costs. Therefore, we focus on developing and executing sound investment strategies that aim to add value continuously and independently of short-term market fluctuations.

Adaptability: We do not follow a dogmatic approach and rather adapt to the essential trends of an investment cycle.

That is characterized by our flexible approach to investment strategy. Rather than sticking rigidly to a specific methodology - a dogmatic approach - we move dynamically and adapt our strategies according to the essential trends of each investment cycle.

Financial markets are inherently volatile and constantly changing. They are influenced by a variety of factors, such as economic growth, political developments and technological innovations. In such an ever-changing environment, a dogmatic approach to investing can show its limitations. It is therefore essential to be flexible and adapt our strategies to the prevailing market conditions in order to achieve the best possible returns for our clients.

Our adaptability allows us to seize opportunities that others may overlook while minimizing risk. By continually adapting to key trends in an investment cycle, we can effectively prepare for future market developments and provide our investors with consistent performance over the long term, regardless of market conditions.

An investment process that takes into account the necessary steps in a structured manner to reconcile risk and return.

Our strategic and tactical asset allocation forms the basis of our investment process. By carefully allocating assets, we strive to achieve the optimal balance between risk and return. The strategic asset allocation is based on our long-term return expectations and risk assessments for the various asset classes. At the same time, tactical asset allocation enables us to benefit from market opportunities in the short term and to react flexibly to changing market conditions.

Our investment decisions always take sustainability criteria into account. We believe that companies that pay attention to social, environmental and governance issues are better positioned to create long-term value and mitigate risk. Therefore, these criteria are incorporated into our investment decisions and help ensure that our portfolios perform not only financially, but also in terms of their sustainability.

Our risk management is an integral part of all steps of the investment process. From the initial analysis and selection of investments to portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring and adjustment of investments - we take risk into account at every step and take measures to control and minimize it. This is how we ensure that our investment strategies adhere to the desired risk/return profile and deliver the best possible results for our investors.

DARWIN Portfolio: The elite of established and dynamic companies

With an investment universe of over 40,000 companies, we conduct a comprehensive quantitative assessment based on various criteria. The selection is usually narrowed down to around 1,500 companies, which are then evaluated according to five main factors: profitability, stability, growth, sustainability and market valuation.

Our detailed selection process focuses on aspects such as sustainability, growth dynamics and management quality. This in-depth research creates an investment universe of approximately 200 elite companies, including both established and dynamic companies.

The resulting DARWIN portfolio combines around 40 of these companies. The established companies offer strong and predictable cash returns, while the dynamic ones with disruptive business models have great growth potential.

Through continuous monitoring and adjustment, our portfolio keeps pace with ever-changing market conditions, ensuring a robust combination of resilience and adaptability. These qualities are crucial for successfully mastering different market phases.

Harmonious interaction with our equity portfolio

For our bond portfolio strategy, the controlled interaction with our equity portfolio is particularly important to us in order to create a balanced overall portfolio. We expect this, taking sustainability criteria into account, an appropriate return contribution to the overall portfolio, without currency risks.

The portfolio construction begins with the creation of a macro-economic base scenario and the calculation of the current relative attractiveness of stocks compared to bonds and bonds compared to cash. Specific country risks are also taken into account from the start. So we decide, from top to bottom, so to speak, and according to a “core / satellite approach”, in which bond types, sectors and ratings we want to invest in principle.

The “core” portion of the bond portfolio, which makes up around two thirds, consists primarily of government and covered bonds as well as investment grade corporate bonds from the USA and Europe. In addition, we invest in high-yield corporate bonds from the USA and Europe in the “satellite” segment, and occasionally also in hybrid (convertible or subordinated bonds) and emerging market bonds, exclusively in so-called hard currencies. The implementation takes place predominantly via individual issues; a slight addition of Funds/ETFs at times would be possible.

We use research systems and data platforms from specialized companies to analyze the relative attractiveness and the issuer. We mainly invest in liquid areas (larger issues) and in EUR-listed or currency-hedged bonds with BB to AAA credit ratings.

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