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PODCAST "The Portfolio People": Eduardo Mollo Cunha [Das Investment, 04/2024]

What risk management has to do with holes in airplanes [FONDS professionell, 03/2024]

PODCAST: One-time investment versus savings plan [DRESCHER & CIE Fondsgedanken, 03/2023]

When it comes to stocks, companies and sectors are more important [FONDS professionell, 03/2024]

The Sector is more important investing in equities [Börse München, 03/2024]

Healthcare-Sector with Upside Potential [Das Investment, 03/2024]

BlackPoint overweights bonds exposure [FUNDVIEW, 03/2024]

We are witnessing the largest wealth transfer of all time [FinanceNews TV, 03/2024]

Fund Analysis BlackPoint Evolution Fund [Der Fonds Analyst, 01/2024]

The C-level of the fund industry recommends these 17 books [Das Investment, 01/2024]


Outlook 2024 [Das Investment, 12/2023]

Interview with Marcel Huber [Das Investment, 12/2023]

Which asset classes will be important for institutional investors in 2024? [Institutional Money, 12/2023]

TiAM TACHELES: Prof. Bektić (FINVIA) debates with E. M. Cunha [TiAM, 12/23]

PODCAST: How do I attract millennials as customers? [DRESCHER & CIE, 12/2023]

BlackPoint launches new fund [Intelligent Investors, 11/2023]

BlackPoint AM: Single Family Office issues mandate [Institutional Money, 11/2023]

Family Office grants BlackPoint fund mandate in the double-digit million euro range [Das Investment, 11/2023]

How the stock return is made up [Das Investment ACADEMY, 11/2023]

How is LinkedIn used in the fund industry? [, 09/2023]

Not only technology benefits from AI [Das Investment, 07/2023]

Pros on AI Boom [Handelsblatt, 07/2023]

AI stocks: no bubble [GELD | Magazin, 07/2023

New ways - funds are sold and not bought [FONDS professionell, 06/2023]

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG FUND SUMMIT 2023 - Back to the Future [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 05/2023]

There is a lack of impetus for the stock market [Handelsblatt, 05/2023]

Forecasts are often wrong – but not pointless [FONDS professionell, 05/2023]

Investment trends for 2023: strong emphasis on bonds [wallstreet online, 04/2023]

Panel discussion "The 60/40 portfolio is dead, long live the 60/40 portfolio?" [FUNDVIEW, 03/2023]

PODCAST: How to make a brand as an asset manager? [DRESCHER & CIE FONDSPLATTFORM]

BlackPoint co-founder: "An important driver were tipsters" [FONDS professionell, 02/2023]

Kutzer's corner: How about a "global depot"? [Onvista, 01/2023]


That is what Asset Managers say about 2023 [Cash., 12/2022]

Follow-up: The Plans of the Fund Cies. for 2023 [FONDS professionell, 12/2022]

Expirience pays twice [TiAM, 12/2022]

Video interview with BlackPoint portfolio manager Alexander Pirpamer [FUNDVIEW, 12/2022]

Podcast-Interview with Eduardo M. Cunha [Podcast Finanz-Dialog, Sommese & Kollegen GmbH]

Video interview with BlackPoint portfolio manager Marcel Huber [FUNDVIEW, 10/2022]

Deglobalization – Problem or Opportunity? Portfolio managers discuss [FUNDVIEW, 10/2022]

Why bonds are attractive again [Das Investment, 10/2022]

"Brand Voice" video series Episode 3 - The person behind the brand. [Das investment, 10/2022]

"Brand Voice" video series Episode 2 - The person behind the brand. [Das investment, 10/2022]

"Brand Voice" video series Episode 1 - The person behind the brand. [Das investment, 10/2022]

What scarcity means for investors [Das Investment, 09/2022]

Scope gives BlackPoint Evolution Fund a rating grade B [ScopeExplorer, 09/2022]

FUNDVIEW Update: 30 million euros generated net inflows [FUNDVIEW, 08/2022]

Transparent Bull 2023 [Reportify/Rödl & Partner, 08/2022]

War, inflation, interest rate worries: the risk of recession is increasing. [Das Investment, 06/2022]

A good year / BlackPoint included in the ranking for the first time [institutional money, 06/2022]

Why bonds are indispensable in a portfolio [Das Investment, 06/2022]

Stern Themenspecial "GELD", E-Paper [Stern, 06/2022]

Online seminar: Three golden rules for investment success & DARWIN portfolio [, 05/2022]

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG FONDSGIPFEL 2022 - The beginning of a new era [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 05/2022]

Sales kings, billion portfolios, new editions: boutique funds 2021 [FONDS professional, 02/2022]


A new name is entering the funds landscape [Der Fondsanalyst, 12/2021]

New fund boutiques try the celebrity factor [Institutional Money, 12/2021]

Ambitious restart [FONDS professionell, 11/2021]

Former Eyb & Wallwitz partner founds his own asset manager [Institutional Money, 10/2021]

Eduardo Mollo Cunha founds Asset Manager with 250 million euros seed money [FUNDVIEW, 10/2021]

Former Eyb & Wallwitz sales manager founds his own asset manager [FONDS professionell, 10/2021]

The fund has one particularly interesting feature [Das Investment, 10/2021]

Experienced sales professional founds his own asset manager [Private Banking Magazin, 10/2021]

Alexander Pirpamer on the fund's strategy and his future co-manager [FUNDVIEW, 10/2021]

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